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I-Doser Experience Not Working!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 5:27 am
by xRvp1998
My experience with i-doser

First time:
The first time i was a bit nervous so i tried QuickHappy as a beggining.
I layed down in my bed and played the song (.drg) and i started to have the feeling my bed was shaking.
nothing happened and when the song ended i didnt have any other happyness or sadness as emotion.
time went by really quick.

the 2nd time.
I decided to try QuickHappy again but sitting in my desk chair.
same deal. but instead i felth like my chair was shaking, luckely i recorded myselve this time
and on the recording it appeared that my char was acctuarly shaking.
It wasnt the chair tho, it was my body that was shaking.
but still no results of a happyer feeling/emotion.

The third time.
This time i decided to do hash with a mp3 file in my bed instead.
when playing i got a little headache and by body was shaking.
when it was done my hands felth like they where shaking but they didnt.
I laught outta nowhere a little but nothing more.

The fourth time.
This time i decided to use sleeping angel. it was 11pm and i turned on the song.
My fingertips started to tingle and i had a feeling of my whole body having a bong. like the feeling you have when
you have a headache, i had that over my whole body, not the pain but the sorta feeling you're body is gonna explode.
when done i was still awake and when i took off my headphones and tried to get some sleep, i couldn't fall asleep.
So no effect for me with this one aswell.

The fifth time.
This is the morning after i used sleeping angel.
I turned on the"song" and listened to it, only trying to focus on the song.
in the middle my feeth started to feel cold but nothing else.
When the dose was over i didnt have any effects, nothing.


Re: I-Doser Experience Not Working!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:26 pm
by SpaceMiNd
What are your techniques for dosing (As in, what are you doing while you are dosing?)
It also helps to start out on a dose called A-Bomb, many users said they actually got a breakthrough thanks to this dose
Happy Dosing - SpaceMiNd