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Why wont hallucinogenic doses work for me?????

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Why wont hallucinogenic doses work for me?????

Postby darkmajik666777 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:52 am

I got LSDQH, Bufo) Toad, and DMT, i diid LSD 3 times, and i got nothing, then i did Bufo, the STRONGEST DOSE, and i still got nothing, why is this, i have been using idoser for the past 7 months so its not like i still need to adapt, could it be that i dont get full effects (i have another post on that topic), but even then with Bufo, shouldnt i get at least some hallucinations??? i do use ipod earbuds but iv done other doses and they work fine, i dose with my eyes closed in the dark with minimal distractions, could i pleas get some help? Im going to try DMT soon, but i have a feeling it might not work, so any help wld be appreciated!
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Level 2 (20-29)
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