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A little info please!

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A little info please!

Postby phantom484 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 4:28 am

I TOTALY new to this stuff. I got 5 free doses: Alcohol, Opium, 5HTP, Content, and Inspire. What does each one do? And what do I need to do to experince the full effects? Is I-Doser 100% completly absoutly safe? Like, how long does the effects of a dose last? :| :?: :| :?:
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Level 0 (<10)
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Re: A little info please!

Postby CrazyXBMax » Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:29 am

If you open the drg files with the application you will see the description. You can also take a look in the store where everything is descripted. And for the other questions, there are a lot of threads here which will answer your questions. Maybe you could also read the official User Guide.
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Level 3 (30-49)
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Re: A little info please!

Postby dogmancar » Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:17 pm

SOUND WAVES CANNOT HARM YOU. If you skim the forums you will find countless post asking that exact question and the answer is always no i-doser is safe. As for your other questions its best to do these laying down in a dark room and to concentrate all of your attention on just the sound. It may not work at all at first. For some people it may take practice. The doses after effects last 15-20 minutes max but doses that lower your brains processing rate may put you to sleep so I wouldn't do any downers if I had something important planed right after.
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Level 2 (20-29)
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