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Can't get I-Doser to work?

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Can't get I-Doser to work?

Postby Steveolay » Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:08 am

My friend told me to try I-Doser (Something he thinks is magnificent)
So, i went ahead and tried CocaineHQ, with no results.
Then, I tried AcidHQ. Also with no results.
Then, I tried LSD. While I was trying it, i started to get goosebumps (One of the effects of Acid). But not much happened. After the sound file was over, I stood up. I could hear a low dissonant sound. Also, the sound of my feet walking was a lot louder than usual. The effects lasted for 1 minute or so... Pretty lame :S

I'm not ready to call BS on this yet, as i need to try the more obvious ones; Orgasm, Hand of God, Gate of Hades etc.

I'm laying on a mattress with my headphones on, that's it.

So, am I doing it wrong?
Do I need to adapt to it?
Any good starting doses?
Level 0 (<10)
Level 0 (<10)
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Re: Can't get I-Doser to work?

Postby Yuki Sorrelwood » Mon Feb 07, 2011 3:32 pm

Well first off I must say that if you got the files from a torrent, then you most likely have fake files or corrupted files. The first dose that you should have ever tried but it is a really strong dose is Peyote,
A true altered state of consciousness, not a toy, not for the weak minded, not for MOST people. If you aren't ready, STAY AWAY! We warned you.
Peyote was the proof of concept file, and it is STRONG. There are stronger doses out there but they sometimes come with some bad effects. I have had my share of good and bad trips. Peyote has been a mixed one for me, I have had both good and bad trips. I know that the I-Doser player comes with 2 free doses which is nice of them. But I have found that those doses are not really ones that would make people really come back, I have had to convince a few of my friends to buy Peyote before they gave up on I-Doser. Out of 58 people that have listened to Peyote only 3 have reported back to me saying that they do not feel any effects. Now I would not be so quick to rush into all the quick hits and then rush to Gates of Hades. You should stop and buy the full length of acid and cocaine, you should only buy the quick hits after you have had effects from the full length doses. Quick Hits do not always work, One of my friends trips hard after listening to cocaine, but when he listens to cocain QH, he has no effects what so ever. It might be that his brain takes longer to sync up with the sounds.
Yuki Sorrelwood
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Level 1 (10-19)
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