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How Effective is I-Doser?

Despite common misconception, I-Doser is not a placebo

83% of I-Doser users have had at least one simulated experience occur. About 17% have trouble achieving effects. This is often due to misuse or poor quality headphones.

About Binaurals

There is substantial evidence and research to support I-Doser’s claim that binaurals can help simulate a specific mood or experience. I-Doser leads the industry in simulated experiences.

Frequent Questions

I-Doser is proven technology!

I-Doser has led the industry in simulated experiences longer than any digital dose company in the world. We have refined the process of digital dosing and simulated experiences.

How effective is the process of binaural brainwave dosing?

I-Doser is specialized binaural audio that can help create a simulated mood or experience for the listener. 83% of I-Doser users have had at least one simulated experience occur. About 17% have trouble achieving effects.

Is I-Doser a placebo?

Absolutely NOT! Only a very small percentage of I-Doser users have been unable to achieve a simulated experience. It is a myth that binaurals are a placebo.

What makes I-Doser different?

This is the offical I-Doser brand, and the one that established binaural doses as a recreational experience. We have refined digital dosing and offer the most effective and powerful simulaed experiences available anywhere.

What can I do if I am unable to achieve effects?

Make sure you have quality headphones and are listening without interruption. We recommend the Official Guide (click to download). There are methods to help achieve a more powerful experience.

What methods are available to dose?

I-Doser offers mobile software, full computer software, and CDs and MP3s as well as a supporting dose library of hundreds of doses. Click here to visit I-Doser.com for more information.

What kind of experiences can I achieve?

Almost anything! I-Doser offeres recreational, sexual, fictional, sleep and meditation, chakra and spiritual and hundreds of other simulated moods and experiences.

Does I-Doser offer support?

Absolutely! I-Doser has a thriving user forum, blog, and social groups like facebook and twitter. We also offer email support from dosing experts.