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Not sure if I need only more time or a better headset

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Not sure if I need only more time or a better headset

Postby Uffu » Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:11 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum cause I recently discovered Idoser. After I read up the whole guide I thought that it could work and gave it a try.
First dose I tried was "Nitrous", but it didn't work, probably because I sat on may chair and wasn't that focussed.
At the next evening I tried "OrgasmQH" after I prepared myself with "Condition" and I felt something like euphoria (or so) but no real orgasm. Right after "OrgasmQH" I tried "MultipleO" which hadn't any effect on me.
Next day I was pissed off by a game and tried "Quickhappy" while sitting on my chair, maybe because of that it hadn't any effect.
Next morning I tried "French Roast" and "5HTP" but both didn't work.
A few days later I used "Anesthesia" before my first schoolday after the holidays and I think it worked! I used my Mp3-Player while laying in bed and right after the dose my brain worked kinda slow :D.
Today I tried "CocaineQH", "Cocaine" and again "CocaineQH", but apart from some strange thoughts nothing happened.
Normally I'm laying on my bedspread on the floor (my headset sadly doesn't reach to my bed) while everything is dark. I have some experience with mediation since I'm doing Kung Fu since two years, but its hard for me to focus completely on the dose.
The only two doses that worked are "OrgasmQH" with "Condition" and "Anesthesia" about my Mp3-Player, so I think I'm not complete immune to the doses and both Mp3-Earphones and headset seem to work (my headset is a Creative FATAL1TY Pro Series Gaming Headset and I'm using a Sony Mp3-Player with original Earphones).
So what do you recommend for me? Do I need a different headset? Or just more experience and some other doses?
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Re: Not sure if I need only more time or a better headset

Postby idoser » Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:43 pm

I can give you some basics, and there are loads of posts on the forum about users and their breakthrough experiences. I urge you to use the search field and do some exploring around here.

First, it helps to read the FAQ and eBook. They give a great general overview of the technology and will make sure you are at least baseline doing it correctly.

Free eBook and Faq:

If you want to spend a little you can buy our whole users guide, which includes more advanced methods and breaks down the whole process in more detail. Many first time users purchase this.

I-Doser Guide:
http://www.idoseraudio.com or http://www.idosersoftware.com APP Section.

It also goes without saying that if you got your doses from anywhere other than I-Doser directly there if a VERY good change you got fakes. They will not be effective, and probably won't work at all. Buy direct from us only to avoid this.

Many advanced users have used a combination of the Mobile App for on-the-go dosing and the computer app for longer sessions. Training seems to help with breakthroughs and its a good one-two punch.

I-Doser for Computer:

I-Doser for Mobile:

Finally, the basics: good headphones, a quiet environment, no interruptions, etc.

Good luck and Happy Dosing!
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