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need help with this about Wet Dream dose

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need help with this about Wet Dream dose

Postby exangel » Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:27 am

so i recently bought the Wet Dream dose
its one hour long
i tried it few times but i seems to take away my sleep (even i was feeling sleepy before dose, and i used it at night time)
i lay there for hours without sleep ( after dose ends)
i want to know if i can use some sleep dose like insomniac after this dose so that it makes me sleep
and still get the result from first dose in dream

another thought i have is that Lucid Dream dose description says take the dose just before sleep but the wet dream dose has nothing like that
maybe i m not getting right effect ? should wet dream dose make me sleep after it ends
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Level 3 (30-49)
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