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I have a hard time focusing

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I have a hard time focusing

Postby Liondistrict » Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:57 pm

Its very hard for me to not focus on tones, and to not let my mind wander. Also, I have pressure on my forehead which i refer it as my third eye building pressure, ive heard its because its releasing bad energy but its been doing that for a longass time i can recall from when i was a lil kid but now im 19 and pressure still builds up if i put even slightest attention. Then, if I try to focus only on breathing or focus on the background music it gets in the way. I've been doing this on and off for about maybe weeks or a month and i havent had a breakthrough. I even bought cheap earbuds off the approved list still not working. I even tried the meditation centering doses and those dont work either. Conditioning doesnt work, ive been trying so hard that my eardrums kind of hurt from doing it so much. :retard:

I have the right mindset maybe im trying to hard? I really want this to work, I'm an open person so i thought it would work straight away when i finally bought the idoser app ive been using other binural beat apps to meditate long before this too but i could never be consistant

I think i felt something feint once but i had to concentrate really hard and i got lucky because somehow i oozed in and felt relaxed. I was using the green dose and as soon as i felt that feint euphoria feeling, a lil anxiety made my mind back out. Its as if i jumped the line and came back right away. I wouldn't call it a breakthrough though it was so faint i couldv mistaken for body sensitivity becuase iv'e laid on my bed for a long time.

I really want green to work ive used that the most i even put it in the slipstream 4 or 5 times still not working. I've tried a lot of others but green is the most, it just makes me hungry. I really want it to work and i'm broke now because of this
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Re: I have a hard time focusing

Postby yuval3107 » Fri Oct 07, 2016 3:22 pm

im having the same problems, still not working after a year of trying, but i've heard that A-bomb is a breakthrough dose
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