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BigBangx6 export to MP3 problem

PostPosted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:26 am
by gongman99
Hi, I recently bought and downloaded BigBangx6 onto my Windows 10 pc and imported into Idoser Premium. If I try and export this to MP3 from there, the process just runs for ever ( I left it running for a whole night and day!) and just keeps generating a larger and larger file, while the process complete status stays at 0% . I eventually cancelled the export when the mp3 file got to over 20gb, and it was still running.
I have checked, and the ID Prem. is fine, if I try and export any other normal length dose. I have checked, and the other long dose I have is 2 hours long, and it can export that OK, file size is 274 mb, so I would expect based on this that BigBangx6 should not be more than about 1gb max.
Has anyone else tried to export this to MP3 and succeeded?
I do not have any means to listen to this at night if I leave it running in on my windows pc, so need it exported to mp3 for playback on my mobile devce.
Any ideas what is wrong and how I can get this export to mp3 to work please?