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Win 98 OLEAUT32.DLL problem resolved!

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Win 98 OLEAUT32.DLL problem resolved!

Postby Novahawk » Tue Aug 21, 2007 6:28 am

You may already know this, but give me a break i am new lol!

If you recently downloaded I-Doser V4 and up on windows 98 you will probably get a message when trying to open files about the OLEAUT32.DLL being corrupt or something, simple to resolve if you have the original windows 98 installation cd.

All you need is;
A Windows 98 or Windows 98 SE installation CD
A Brain
A Keyboard
And maybe a mouse lol

It's easy to fix without reinstalling windows

1.Put windows 98 / SE disk into disk drive
2.goto start>run type "SFC" (without quotes) hit enter
3.Click extract 1 file from installation disk
4.Type in "OLEAUT32.DLL" (without quotes) hit enter
5.In the "restore from" box type "C:\windows\options\cabs\" (without the quotes) leave restore to as it is ("C:\windows\system")
6.Hit enter and wait
7.It will tell you if it's successful

Enjoy :D :-D :P

PS can anyone tell me where to get V3? :D
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