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My Ongoing Love Story

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:05 pm
by inspiredlover
Hello everyone,
I am new here and I would love to share my texts over time. I hope you can find some wisdom, beauty and inspiration from my words. Here is my own life story with my current girlfriend. I started to write it in a more poetic/novel style, so people can relate more to it than if I used : "I" and "my girlfriend". Enjoy! :-D

It all started on March 22nd. A simple “Hi” in the mailbox, a simple word that would lead to a million more. They start to speak with no filter, no desire to impress. Open to the world, curious about humanity’s differences. Seconds became minutes. Minutes became hours. The train was not going back. Every day further, every day faster.

Soon he realized something was different about the lady. Something going far beyond her natural beauty, something only the soul could see. A familiar smile, without crossing paths before. This desire to learn about cultures morphed into a desire to learn about each other. One question at a time, laying one more brick on the walls of their house.

In a reality where it is so easy to feel cold and isolated. Escaping what is with a multitude of addictions, satisfying the brain for a moment, to leave you even emptier after.

Human connection has no replacement. Be with the right person and any constraints of time and space become meaningless.

He could feel her now. She could feel him. His mind was telling him, don’t be silly, be realistic, do not put yourself through this. His heart could not resist the calling of adventure, the calling of Love.

Some men tried to have her before. Only one succeeded to this day, believing it was destined to happen. Would you face the Unstoppable, and tell him it is not possible? Your words would be like a spring breeze across his face. No noticeable slowing down of his step forward.

What was different about him? How could his armor protect him against all adversity?

The man could see years ahead. The man didn’t doubt her presence by his side, to inspire the world in such a unique way. He even believed in her powerful role, more than she did for herself at first.

The man has seen a lot, killing many dragons along the way. Blazing through the illusions, misconceived perceptions, giving him eyes to see the horizon. The bigger picture makes more sense than the closed door received on the nose.

Nurturing this relationship like a child, not getting angry when the child cannot do anything yet. You simply take care, knowing that growth is not linear, but eventually it is there.

The two lovers had insecurities at times. Instead of playing the strong and independent character, they discovered the mutual strength coming from speaking about what they felt.

Men shouldn’t cry. Men shouldn’t show their emotions. Men shouldn’t say “I miss you” to the woman they desire. Really? Who is the first one who decided that?

What if the things you judge the most about yourself become what is the most attractive to your loving half? What if you realized, that all those years trying to hold this back, you were actually holding back this partner to manifest? Hmm…

Freedom. The horse runs in the sunny meadow again, sweet summer wind caressing his hair. The road is much clearer when following what feels right, not what others expect of you.

Re: My Ongoing Love Story

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2019 3:22 pm
by eric52
inspiredlover, you obviously have something worthwhile to say, and you have a knack for saying it. I'm not sure that the non sequitur is a viable device for continuing at any length. Perhaps you could develop a rhythm of sorts or some other means of hanging it together. There's nothing wrong with short forms that stand alone. Consider Stephen Crane's poems vs. Red Badge of Courage. You write well, but find a form that suits you and an audience.

Re: My Ongoing Love Story

PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 2:47 am
by inspiredlover
I was surprised to see a response on something I wrote a long time ago, but thank you for your feedback. It was more of an experiment and now I am focusing on growing a business. I appreciate it anyway!