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Hand of God

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Hand of God

Postby D4RK-Poet » Tue Feb 12, 2008 6:15 pm

Before I put the first chapter in, let me tell you it isn't named Hand of God because of the dose, and I wasn't on any doses/drugs or anything when I wrote it. I just like writing...

Hand of God


Running, he could hear it behind him. Closer, closer, every step it gained, he felt. Looking down the hall, he saw nothing but darkness. He knew that these halls would be his final stand, but when the time comes, will he be ready?

Thinking, he remember what he was told, Pastor Dan taught him to not run from the troubles, but to stand to them. He had to stop and fight it. He had to fight the Hand of God before it could get him. He had to…

Chapter I, The Unknowing:

Walking through his school halls, Justin felt a strange feeling come over him. Not knowing if he should continue to class or not, he took a detour to the school’s nurse. While waiting his turn to be checked out by the nurse, he tried making small talk, “So, anyone go to church last night? I didn’t go, I was out with some friends.”

A kid behind him replied “Who goes to church on Wednesday nights? That’s pointless. The day or worship is Sunday, you know.”

Disgusted he turned away. Justin never really had any friends. The only person who liked him was Pastor Dan, or so he thought. Unknowing that someone else loved him in the Heavens he always made up an excuse to not attend church.

It was his turn to be checked out by the nurse. As she checked for a fever, she asked if he was recently sick, like always, he said no. When the temperature finally came through, she was amazed to find Justin able to walk. “Justin, your temperature is 127 degrees Fahrenheit. You should be in the hospital right now. Do you know that you are at a deadly temperature? I’m going to call your parents.”

“What? Don’t call them, let me go home and rest. They always freak out and start asking stupid questions. Why can’t you just let me go home? Please!”

“Justin, enough, you need to be in the hospital!”

Unknowing that he was hit by something not curable by man, the Wrath of God, he went willingly with the ambulance. Already tired, he feel asleep on the ride. He saw a tunnel, at the end there was two doors, one had light radiating from it, but was bounded with chains, locked. The other had a dark aura, but was open, waiting for him to enter. Fearing what it meant, he stayed away from both.

He awoke hours later in the hospital. Pastor Dan was there, sitting in a chair reading his bible. Justin was exhausted, but said what he could, “Pastor Dan! I am so glad to see you! I need to talk to you though… When I was asleep, I saw a long hall… A hall that had two doors at the end, one was bound by chains and was locked with light radiating from it. The other I felt a dark aura from but was open. I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do.”

Frightened, the pastor was speechless, until finally he said in a low voice, “Then you must leave this place, the Wrath of God is upon you. Run; meet me in the church in an hour. I will instruct you on everything I know about this. Hurry now, I will be okay.”
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Postby D4RK-Poet » Tue Feb 12, 2008 7:17 pm

Thanks, I'll be sure to do Chapter 2 later.
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Postby D4RK-Poet » Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:31 pm

Chapter II, The Escape:

“Thank God you made it! I was worried something happened to you. You are in grave danger. I can promise you safety for only so long, but I can teach you how to defend yourself and how to remove the burden you carry.”

Startled, Justin jumped then said, “Pastor Dan, thank god. When I enter the church I felt a little better… What do you mean by burden though? What do I carry? What are you providing my safety from? I don’t understand. What’s happening to me? I admit, I am terrified but I need to know what you are hiding!”

“Calm down Justin, let me try to explain. You are under the Wrath of God. That is why you felt better when you entered here. He his angry that you are putting everything before him, creating excuses, and abusing your right to say you are a Christian. He can feel something about you, something that angers him.

I know this because three years ago, a few selected pastors and priests were selected to speak with Jesus. He has resurrected. I was one of those selected. Jesus told him that this is the generation mankind will fall, only able to be saved if judgments are to be made. No longer is it going to be possible to abuse your Christianity. We agreed that our Lord God and Jesus have the right to judge.

You must save yourself, and from there you can remove the judgments that have been made of you. Once these are removed, you will need to come back and talk to me. I will help you from there. But before we do anything, I must teach you what you must do.

Go to the Holy Cross, in which Jesus was crucified, pray for your safety, the safety or the world and your generation, and promise God that you will become a better Christian. Promise that you won’t let things get in-between to and what he wants. The journey will be long, hard, and dangerous. You will have encounters with the Hand of God.”

On his knees and crying, Justin tries to speak, but is unable to successfully say anything. The rain upon the windows of the church makes him sob even more.

“Justin, we don’t have much time. Come with me. I will give you some books to read. They will tell you everything you need to know on your journey. You must hurry. Every second you spend here puts everyone around you in danger.”

As they enter the pastor’s office, Dan hands Justin 3 books from his shelf. The first book, The Falling Times, is about how the generation is falling to Satin’s will. Next, An Angel’s Bliss, talks about how to strengthen your relationship with Jesus and how you are seen in the Heavens. Lastly, Jesus himself created The Great Resurrection, when Pastor Dan and the others spoke with Jesus. It teaches the reader how to stand against Stain’s will, how to gain an image that he wants, and how to remove the burden of the Wrath of God.

“Now Justin, our times together are over. Here, take my credit card. Use it whenever you need. But you must leave now. On your journey, attach with no one, speak to no one of your journey, and just go. Every second here and with someone else is dangerous.”


“No but, go! You must leave this place at once! I will take care of your family; you mustn’t contact them in the journey. That will place them in danger.”

Running, he flees. He runs to the nearest bus station. From there, he leaves his hometown of Jacksonville and heads to Denver, where he will safely be able to find a flight out.

Right as the bus exits Mississippi, during the dark, cold night, it dies. All of the power goes out. Lights shut off, screaming begins, and then, everything becomes silent.
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