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American gothic

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American gothic

Postby Racoon » Thu Jul 24, 2008 9:17 pm

The scene was similar to post-apocalyptic America. In the distance, some kids were playing football in a field. It was a very dreary day. Overhead , a storm was coming. Let me take you to the center of the playground, a place where anybody with brains tried to avoid.
An oligarchy of 3 “playground monitors, similar in beliefs to nazi’s are standing here. Each of them are holding a megaphone, and a cloud of cigarette smoke is above there heads. In front of them is a young male, maybe 10, doing pushups and sweating bullets. One of them bawled into the megaphone, “GIVE ME 20 MORE OR IN THE HOLE FOR A WEEK!” The innocent child stood up and screamed “NO!” He had had enough bullshit for one day. One of the monitors screamed into a megaphone “THEN EAT MY FUCKING CIGARETTE, CHUM.” The child stands up and spits on her face. “That’s it.” She whispers.
All 3 of them grab him and pick him up. They bring him into the school, through the hallways. He’s kicking and screaming, and students in the passing classrooms hear a muffled “eat shit”. They take him into a place no other student have ever been, no other student alive at least. The dungeon. There is a dimly-lit hallway down here, and a light is flickering somewhere. There are a few different rooms that were used as art classrooms before the remodeling of 1997. Now they are just storage rooms, and the boiler room was down here. There was dust and cobwebs all over, and the boy can see a closed door at the end of the corner. An old skeleton was next to the door.
One of the monitors kick the door open. Inside, he can see a man in a black robe, who he thought was his principal but couldn’t tell, and noticed the room is candle-lit. He notices that there is a lot of satanic imagery around, and 666 is written in multiple places on the wall. They strip him nude chain him to the floor, where a pentagram is painted. He’s shrieking and can see a goat, whose proper name is baphomet painted above him. The principal shoves cotton in his mouth and pulls a needle out. He pokes him with it, and it makes him paralyzed. Unfortunately, he can still feel pain.
The 3 monitors start chanting and rubbing lotions and powders on him that burned him. He tried screaming but he couldn’t. He couldn’t even spit the cotton out of his mouth. The principal circled them, pouring some kind of liquid in a perfect circle around them. The monitors get up and walk away. The principal walks toward him, holding a knife. In his mind, he is freaking out, but he can’t show the expression on his face. The man cuts his testicles open with one vertical. The boy is in great pain and wants to scream but can’t. The man gets up and throws a match, which lights a perfect circle around him. The occultist playground monitors are now chanting continuously louder, and the man opens up his robe to reveal an uncircumcised penis. He sticks it in the slit that was cut on the boys testicles and brought it in and out. He moaned in pleasure, and the boy wanted to throw up but couldn’t. The man took another match and lit the boy on fire. He immediately ignited and his whole body on fire. The boy was dying as he could feel the man cumming inside of him, and the last thing he saw was the goat’s face light up and laugh.
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Level 4 (50-199)
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