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Me rhyming during and after crack dose.

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Me rhyming during and after crack dose.

Postby MedicalMarijuanaMan » Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:02 pm

Ok ill just from the top of my head type a couple of rhymes. And see how they may change after the reset and crack dose.

~ Before idose ~
Pullin a gun.
Smokin not one.
But two kilo's.
Headshot to the dick.
Bullet didnt even pass through, didnt even feel it, thats thick.
So thats a dick-head-blast. Blast from the past.
Your gonne get fucked up, fall on ya ass.

Ok now ill wait till dose is over, time: 6:15.

~ after idose ~
Take a seat and lissen.
'Cos I aint in the mood for dissen'
Stone cold. So call me chilled.
Takes a sparkle of electrisity to get me thrilled.
Smoke it, here have some toke it.
Takin it easy. Nah, im just lazy, not sleazy.
Is there a draft in here? I'm gettin blowed.
Gettin head. C'mon girl, all fours on the fuckin bed.

See a difference? Post it.. With crack i think i had a break through... No phsysical or closed or open visuals. but i fellt happy in the morning, ( took the dose going to bed ) But later on i got a bit moody... aint that what crack does? happy, but harsh come down?

Oh well. Reply soon :D
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Level 1 (10-19)
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Re: Me rhyming during and after crack dose.

Postby jombotski » Sun Dec 18, 2011 5:27 pm

you dose on the computer ? :retard: lol you need to be on bed and in dark room with closed eyes thinking about nothing in trance :x
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Level 4 (50-199)
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