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How does it work.

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How does it work.

Postby RockstarAddict » Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:55 pm

I'm going to be bluntly honest, and straight to the point.

I've smoked my fair share of marijuana, and experimented with other drugs.
Due to new living conditions I cannot partake in my lovely green herb, also in part due to a new spiritual significance I place in the herb.

These are what I logically know about the human body in regards to the experience I feel when listening to "Marijuana" Full.

- Could possibly be "partly" a placebo effect.
- I definitely feel a significant difference in my surroundings.
- The human body can create any chemical it has ever come into contact with.
- Binaural Audio (as I understand it from experience in creating a "Binaural/dubstep" song) is two audio freq's with a slight difference that creates this kinda... back and forth wavey affect, which the brain has a freq it works at, many different kinds in fact, and it "syncs" to this new distortion of freq.
- Under the influence of Marijuana you have a unique "freq" which is how I'm guessing this technology works.

Thus my hypothesis is, The placebo takes effect immediately on the user, possibly making them more susceptible to the oncoming freq, this "feel good rush" subconsciously causes the human body to produce THC.

But please! Fill all the gaps of logic here you can find, if any.
I wish to know.... Why this does what it does.
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Re: How does it work.

Postby kbk420 » Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:11 pm

the human body cannot make its own thc. i-doser just simulates the hertz lever of a high brain be it alpha Beta delta theta...only with an open mind will i-doser function properly so there is somekind of placebo effect there but that cant explain all the wide range of effects the doses inpart

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