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remind me again

Law enforcement and politics

remind me again

Postby aftermath55 » Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:58 am

why marijuana is illeagal? i mean....come on its not as bad as cigarettes...you cant get PHYSICALLY addicted (but you can get mentally addicted), no long term lung affects, yeah it "kills brain cells" but it kills so little that you would have to smoke 6 joints a day for 30 years to have any long-term affects
what i can see is being high while driving, that should be illeagal, but being high in your own house isnt really even bad
does anyone see my point?
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Level 2 (20-29)
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Postby CHimasterwang » Fri Apr 11, 2008 5:27 am

They made aload of drugs and stuff illegal ages ago but legalised tobbaco and alcohol again or something i think XP

I havnt done research ive just heard it somewhere before maybe XD
Someone who has knowlege of US law history can help? XP
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Level 4 (50-199)
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Postby divinorum » Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:20 am

Tobacco and alcohal were staples in the United States (and most civilizations) by the time Marijuana started gaining in popularity. This was in the 20's (or perhaps after) and people were just becoming slightly more liberal. At the same time though (due to this liberalism), xenophobia was spreading (mostly directed at newly arrived Mexican citizens looking for work). This xenophobia, mixed with the fear of liberalism, caused the government to look for a scapegoat. Hence marijuana was blamed for the crime, mexican citizens (who were here trafficing the "terrible" drugs), and moral-less citizens. They blew up all of the dirty statistics and lies about it and publicized them (almost all of them were lies). They even funded films that showed the "dark side" to marijuana (see: Reefer Madness). Anyway, several years later it got the shit taxed out of it (the first attempt to make it innacessible). Then they created this whole DEA and schedule stuff, and here we are about 80 years later. If we could show the history side to it, perhaps people would realize that the government had no reason to make it illegal besides the need for a scapegoat. Then it would be legal and all would be happy.
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Level 4 (50-199)
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