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School Vs I-Doser [not a repost]

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School Vs I-Doser [not a repost]

Postby Yuki Sorrelwood » Mon Feb 07, 2011 1:57 am

All schools hold the right to allow music players, but no school holds the right to search your music player unless stated in their policy. The search of a students personal belongings with out a reasonable cause is in fact illegal! There are things you need to do when someone asks to look at your music player for I-Doser.

First, QUESTION. Your power to question is your biggest weapon. Ask the following Questions to who ever is trying to look at your music player.
Why do you want to look at my music player?
What reason do you have to look at my music player?
What proof do you have that my music player contains what your looking for?
Where did you gain this proof?
If you wish to search my music player with out proof, can you gather all the students in school and search their music player before you search mine?
Is it against school rules to listen to music during school?
Is a audio file considered to be an illegal drug?
How is it possible that a legal audio file, is considered to be a drug?
If I-Doser audio files are illegal because they invoke effects and responses from the brain, why are songs that talk about rape and murders allowed in school?
If my choice in music is not allowed, then are you willing to ban all music from the school including music classes?
(They will respond with "Other music does not make people act as if they are under the influence of drugs")
Then why are songs that make people feel happy or sad allowed? Blues can make people feel sad, and county can make people feel loved.

Second Prove that I-Doser is not illegal and does not promote illegal drugs. This can be done in several ways. The fastest way is to take them to the I-Doser website. And having them search around, they can not suspend you for accessing a site that sells legal items. Or having products from a site where the members talk about their use of illegal drugs. No dose tells you to go out and use illegal drugs, no description tells you to go use illegal drugs. The only people telling you to use illegal drugs would be the members of this site, and even then your still not using drugs. If sally smokes pot, can you get arrested for her smoking pot? NO, Can you get arrested for her dealing pot? NO, Can you get arrested for you knowing that she smokes pot? NO, As long as you are not using, holding, selling, making, growing, or storing illegal drugs, there is no way for you get arrested for it. A school follows those same rules!

Now for any reason they have proof that you have files or applications from I-Doser and they are going to suspend you for use of illegal drugs or possession of illegal drugs, there are several things you need to do.

First off, make sure your legal guardian is present while any drug testing or search is happening if your under 18. A school can not search you with out a reasonable cause!!!!! If you are told you are going to be searched for illegal drugs tell them "Stop, I wish to have an officer of the law search me under the limits of the school" This will do two things, one bring an officer of the law into the matter which will play out to your side if you do not have any thing illegal on you, and two it will make sure that anyone at your school can not fake a report about finding something. Why say under the limits of the school? A school can ask you to remove all clothing except your undergarments(bra and underwear) They are not allowed to strip search you, unless they follow the following guide lines

*The level of the threat (You claim you have a weapon)
*Proof and the reliability of the source (A teacher claiming that you said you have a weapon is more
reliable then a student saying you have a weapon)
*Alternatives to strip searching (pat down is the best alterative)

A school must notify your legal guardian(s) BEFORE the strip search.
STOP THE SEARCH, why? Do not allow the school to preform the search as it is invasive and demeaning. Once again ask for an officer of the law and also refuse to be searched until you have had contact with your legal guardian(s). If the school preforms a strip search with out contacting your guardian(s) you may pursue legal actions against them.

Now after all that is done and you are told why you are being suspended, QUESTION QUESTION QUESTION.
If a search proved that you do not have any illegal drugs and your being suspended for possession of illegal drugs, QUESTION THAT SHIT!
How can you be suspended for something that they can not prove. If they state that I-Doser doses are the illegal drugs they are talking about, ask "How can a digital audio file be an illegal drug?" "Is it possible that something digital is also physical at the same time?"

If your being suspended for being under the influence of illegal drugs, ask them to preform a drug test. Then ask that the hold off any suspension until the results of the drug test come back. They may suspend you before the results, but do not worry. If you have not taken any drugs in the last year, you will test clean and the school will have no choice but to let you come back to school.

REMEMBER THAT I AM NOT A LAWYER, BUT HAVE ONLY LOOKED OVER LAWS AND TALKED TO LAWYERS, IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE LAWS WHICH YOUR SCHOOL MIGHT BE BREAKING TO CONSULT A LAWYER OR AN OFFICER OF THE LAW. IT IS ALSO AGAINST THE 4th AMENDMENT TO SEIZE AND SEARCH WITH OUT A WARRANT (meaning the school can not search your music player for I-Doser with out consent, and they can not take your music player with out the intent to give it back. They can not search your music player after taking it, it is illegal. They in fact can take your music player as long as the follow the school guide lines)
Yuki Sorrelwood
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Level 1 (10-19)
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Re: School Vs I-Doser [not a repost]

Postby xxchriscsxx » Thu May 26, 2011 7:07 pm

I really liked your tips, they would be good except I think you might've went a little too carried away. I don't know whether or not you're in the US since I-Doser is used globally. But with the 4th Amendment a school has no right to search you EVEN IF it's an officer. Only an officer of the law may search your locker without a warrant because it is school property but they can't search your person unless they have a warrant. And with a warrant you have to appeal to a court to obtain one. The court will typically ask if any paraphernalia was found and if the student had any physical symptoms of drug abuse which is not possible with I-Doser since no substance has entered the body. But most of it was very informing except for the part where you warned people about strip searches, unless your principal was Adolf Hitler you wouldn't need to know that with I-Doser.
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