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another dude here

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:00 pm
by randomdude93
never hit up the introductions, so here it is :-D

I'm a dude, I live in the United States.

I like all kinds of music, the only kind I can't stand is alot of the mainstream garbage being put today.(i.e. nicki)

What I listen to depends on alot on my mood. Jack Johnson if I'm stressed or just want to mellow out. Glitch Mob, MartyParty, edIT, PANTyRAID, etc. for general listening. Also like blink-182, bowling for soup, Alkaline Trio, stuff like that. I used to be a big time metalhead in my younger days lol. Used to listen to Metallica 24/7.

Also, interested in stuff to do with the brain, especially how binaural beats effect our brainwave, so therefore I think i-doser is pretty awesome.

take care fellow humans!