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Hello, new to trying this.

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Hello, new to trying this.

Postby spiritofeden » Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:08 pm

I remember first hearing about i-Doser what seems like a few years back. I was probably no older than like 18 or something, and thinking that the whole idea was complete B.S.

Now I'm a few years older, and the idea of i-Doser sounds really appealing and amusing, so I'm here to give some stuff an honest go and hope it works out.

I started out with something easy and quick (2x French Roast) after I woke up this morning, and it did help me feel a bit less groggy. I guess time will tell with other doses if that was more a placebo than anything!
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Level 0 (<10)
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Re: Hello, new to trying this.

Postby SadLittlePony » Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:30 pm

If you study the mechanics of it it is 100% plausible. Everything you know is a wave. Even Energy itself is a wave. Light, scent, touch all consist of tiny micro vibrations. With this in mind it is actually possible to kill AIDS (which has been done) by tuning to the right wave form and neutralizing the AIDS virus. Now, the brain is nothing more than chemical and electrical impulses. It has a range of frequencies which I-Doser experiments with and produces Binaural beats.

Before I get into Binaural beats I want to talk about one more thing. Have you ever noticed that it is habitual to copy things you see, feel or hear? For example, and this is a really good one, when you hear a song, that song will often get stuck in your head. You hum it during the day and at night you sing it in the shower. How about a lesser known example, tapping your feet. It is so common to see people tapping their feet shortly after another person begins. Try it.

Binaural beats work on this same principle. A binaural beat is a tone played in each ear. Though similar these tones are not the same. The tones are off so slightly (i.e. 500hz - 510hz) that your brain tries to decipher them. Your brain then produces a third sound inside of your conscious. It is that wobble sound you hear, surprisingly Dubstep is created the same exact way, Originally dubstep was very mellow and had a subtle wobble, but it wasn't used as binaural nor was the wobble in stereo.

Now you have this frequency inside of your head wobbling to and fro, what is your brain gonna do about it? Copy it of course. Your brain begins to slowly tune itself to the new frequency which is too slow for human ears to hear. Each frequency with its little variations all do something unique to the human brain. I-Doser utilizes this and creates custom tuned Binaural beats to put your brain in the same state that it would be in had it been on drugs etc.

So dont doubt I-Doser friend, give it a chance. It is a learned skill and takes practice before it will work. You will need to get really good at meditation to achieve the desired results. And to further prove it works. The Thai Monks are so good at meditation they can achieve the same results through meditation alone. Kinda makes you wanna get good at it, doesnt it?

Anyways welcome to the forum.
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