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I-doser combination ideas?

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I-doser combination ideas?

Postby wh1t3 rh1n0 » Fri Jul 06, 2012 7:07 pm

Ok so I would like to formulate the best way to sleep at night and get what i need out of deeper sleep to repair my body and also have strong lucid dreams. I read on thread where someone suggested using Lucid QH - Insomniac - Astral QH in that order. I figured i would give it a try but i was curious to see what other peoples ideas might be. i was thinking of putting sleeping with angels in front of those to ease myself into sleep before the lucid QH comes on but im a new doser and havnt had much use or sucess yet except one lucid dream and ambie worked well. any ideas welcome thank you.

Edit: i heard of someone getting an ear infection or something from listening to it on loop while sleeping? it was a stimulant dose i think but im assuming you shouldnt listen to binaural beats for extended periods of time like all night while sleeping. also would it be better to not use the QH versions of lucid dreaming and astral I have the QH's and the full versions
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