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MY LD problems

Be aware in dreams

MY LD problems

Postby KateVendy108 » Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:07 am

Hello there!
here's Kate. I've been trying to induce LD for about two years now. I tried reality chcecks, many techniques - WILD, MILD and whatever else I know. I've read a book about LD and I was so interested in it and I still am! And sometimes i had sometihing what seemed like LD. Once I even woke into a dream but I couldn't control it and after few secs I woke up. And once I saw one colorful red picture and realized I was dreaming. But unfortunately just after this I woke up. But I think it's possible for me to have LD if I had this, right?
But this has been really long sime and until now I never had anything simillar again. Today I tried FILD - I!'ve read it was pretty powerfull but I think I wasn't in the right moment because every time I tried it nothing happened. maybe I should've firstly get up and have a walk? Anyone any advice for FILD? Or just for my LD? I'd be greatefull for any respond!

Thanks for your time reading this

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Re: MY LD problems

Postby idoser » Wed Sep 07, 2016 4:58 pm

Definitely watch our lucid dream tutorial video here:

Although it may be basic if you have been practicing WILD.

Are you supplementing with lucid induction doses from:
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Re: MY LD problems

Postby Klappera » Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:51 am

welcome on the idoser forum katevendy108!

i am also a lucid dreamer. luciddreaming is the reason i discovered idoser. i also sometimes got lucid dreams before i started training on it. i never knew there was a name for it until i got a veryspecial lucid dream and i googled dreaming and then i read on wikipedia that if you know you are dreaming in a dream it is called lucid dreaming. then i started to keep a dream journal and a year later i look up more about lucid dreaming and then i also started to do reality checks, mild, trying wild, and doing ADA.

Do you also keep a dream journal and did you ever tried ADA?
ADA (all day awareness) is a very powerful method to get lucid dreams. I tried it and i got more lucid dreams from it.

I also recommend you to buy the lucid dreaming dose of idoser:
http://idosersoftware.com/index.php?mai ... cts_id=132

And for quick sessions you can buy the lucidqh dose of idoser:
http://idosersoftware.com/index.php?mai ... cts_id=249

and the...... MAGIC PACK has also wonderful doses including lucid dream, lucidqh, sleeping angel, calm and out of body (obe), the musthave reset dose and a lot of other wonderful doses:
http://idosersoftware.com/index.php?mai ... cts_id=193

i also recommend you to watch the idoser lucid dream tutorial video which admin say. it is a very helpful video.

good luck with lucid dreaming and happy dosing!
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