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failed RC

Be aware in dreams

failed RC

Postby blackplague » Tue Jun 10, 2008 4:27 pm

I was in a dream last night and my reality check failed me.
I took like 6MG of melatonin and 1000mg of valerian and im not sure how much other kind of stuff it had passionflower and stuff like that in it.
well here is what happened. I was laying down and tossing and turning alot.
got really pissed that i still couldn't sleep. so i went outside and smoked.
came back in and finally had fallen asleep.
I was in my yard (in the dream) I did a reality check and it confused me... it worked sort of.. but not 100%.
I held my nose I could breathe but I was really confused I had mild lucidity but the dream just faded away after i wondered if i was really dreaming or if i was awake.
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