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some LDs i can remember

Be aware in dreams

some LDs i can remember

Postby EmbryonicHydra » Thu Oct 30, 2008 1:34 am

as some of you said you cannot die in your dreams. false.
i was sitting on a couch maybe plaid yellow and red stripes with that old couch feeling and i wasnt paying attention to whatever else was in the room
as i looked to my left there was a window and outside the window. planes.
planes dropping bombs. i did the first thing that i could think of i turned to my right and curled into a ball with my hands over the back of my neck and everything stopped i looked up and i was in a different plane of existence entirely everything had an eerie blue mist look to it and i was in a graveyard. then i woke up from excitement

another very lucid dream i had while Under the Influence of Marijuana and i had layed down to go to sleep but i did not exactly do that i stared to my left with my eyes BARELY open and there were rays of light coming through that small opening and i just saw weird images but then i must have started to open my eyes because i saw a giant halo looking building in the distance and the side of a cliff to my left and nothing in between me and the building just darkness and my radio was playing some song cant remember off the top of my head and a guy appeared on a walkway on the building near some type of futuristic monolith at the corner of the building and he began to sing his story walking around throwing his arms and weeping and as the song started to end he climbed up the monolith and jumped. mind i was in complete control so i decided to have a look around. i hovered towards the building's corner to look at the monolith and the walkway i got excited and lost focus and was back near the cliff staring at the building and i saw a flashing dragon appear in a square cut-out in the building and another person but he just stood there. i decided i would wake up and draw it and to my amazement as i woke up i saw how i came up with this LD the carpet on the ground was folding into itself as in like it wasnt straight on the ground and this was were my cliff had come from in front of me was my closet door (building) and a broom (monolith) but the simple fact that i was actually able to approach the monolith and look at it from above blew my mind

i think i may have stumbled upon a way to induce lucid dreaming and im going to be experimenting in the following weeks ill keep you posted
thx for reading :]
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