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I think I did it!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:55 pm
by blindbake49
So I've been reading a lot about Lucid Dreaming since I've done it a lot in the past. I hadn't Lucid Dreamed in a while... Until a few nights ago.

I don't remember the whole dream, only the end when I realized I was dreaming. I was at the top of some stairs at school and there was a person at the bottom that I didn't recognize. Remembering what I read about Lucid Dreaming, I tried to concentrate on his face and found I couldn't, since he didn't have one. Distorted faces = dreaming.

Suddenly, everything became vivid, like I wasn't dreaming at all, even though I knew I was. I jumped down the stairs and started to run, but then got excited and woke up. I'm not too disappointed, though, because now I know I can do it.