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Lucid Dreaming Help

Postby debani » Sun Feb 22, 2009 9:47 pm

Alright I have a few questions and problems that I was wondering you guys could answer for me.

First of all, how can I make myself sleep on time for beginners because I am way to tired when I go to bed, thus my brain almost shuts down completely and I don't have any significant "dream", when if I do have more energy than usual than I can only remember one or two pictures or scenes from dreams but that's it. Basically the last time I remembered a dream was about 6 months ago or so.

I've seen a pattern in the dreams I do remember though. I can only controll myself to an extent when I dream, the rest is a storyline. I've have lucid dreamed twice when I was younger and I want to start remembering my dreams first of all and then I want to try to lucid dreaming again. I hear one of the ways to lucid dream is to do constant reality checks but my dreams are much, much too simple to do anything like that. It's almost impossible for me to think when I'm sleeping. When I did lucid dream I could tell that everything was very simple in my dream.

How can I solve these problems?
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