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Postby powerade » Sun Aug 16, 2009 3:39 pm

So i get to sleep around 1:30 - 2 am and lately have tried to induce WILDs. Generally I lay down on my back and stay perfectly still for an hour to an hour and a half. after lying still for a long time, I start to feel sensations in my legs; not uncomfotable, like a flushing or thermal irregularities or going numb. then, the sensations grow to my torso and arms. It feels like im floating above my covers. I sometimes get the sensation of moving from side to side too. This continues with varying intensity for a while. I expect to go into sleep paralysis or start dreaming but never do. am i even close to going into a wake-initiated lucid dream or is it something else?
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Postby Dadaism » Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:34 pm

well from what it seems, you might be in the point before SP. When your at this point, are you think really hard about dreaming or the feelings? This is a problem i get when i try to go into a OBE. When i reach the point your talking about i start thinking about how to get into a OBE (because you feel like your floating) and i kind of try going to a OBE (i know that this isn't the point to do so, by i try anyways). The problem is, when your think about it, your kind of excited (anticipation) and you will not go into Lucid Dream or OBE when this happens. you need to relax and try to not think of it (or make it passive in your mind) which is what i need to work on.

This might not be whats happing, but it sounds like what I've been going threw.

Also, if your going to bed, that isn't really the best time for a WILD. You go into a deep sleep at the beginning of your sleep cycle, the REM sleep later. What you might want to do, is go to bed normal, then set a alarm clock for like 5 or 6, wake up for a bit, then try a WILD. You body falls asleep faster and your going to go into a REM stage, which is the the dreaming stage.

If you go on youtube, Lucidology has video's on how to go into a WILD or an OBE. They help me a lot.

I hope this helps you.
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