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A Blissful Lucid Dream.

Be aware in dreams

A Blissful Lucid Dream.

Postby dryadhater » Thu Aug 27, 2009 5:35 am

Today was my first truly expressed lucid dream, or was it something more? I am not sure however as it may seem more like OBE in an astral realm , as the feeling of reality was as complete as it is now although without any kind of limitations of the physical plane.

The realization of me being in the dream occured in a rather strange way. First of all i was having a nice exciting and peaceful dream, when suddenly i realized that it somehow seemed too real for a dream, which seemingly identefies that i was already aware of a dream state, and i thought maybe it is not a dream at all. So i stopped looked at my watch to see what time it was, i saw no watch on my hands, i closed my eyes to see if it was possible, and to my surprise it was, and from that moment the feeling of reality multiplied by what must be like 10 times, i regained my full conciosness. I immediatly rose myself into the air and began exploring the surroundings of the locations i was in. I cannot remembet the exact details, however it seemed like it was a some sort of the living quarters of a city or a village. This place was full of tempting emotions like romance, love, heroism, and sex. I saw a lot of residents there minding their own business.

Suddenly a strong sexual emotion caught my mind and i decided to follow it, which brought me to a room where 3 feemales were sitting seemingly chatting. I senced from which feemale this emotion was coming from, note that it was not just a simple sexual instict emotion, it was more like a strong passionate love emotion coupled with sexual connection. I grabbed her, and immediatly we swooped into the air , with me holding her in my arms, gently touching and fondling her body and head whispering kind words of passion. Suddenly i offered her a suggestion of where she would like to go. I told here that she can go anywhere that her soul desires, this is where the emotions overwhelmed my conciouss capabilities and my reasoning as i was a true rookie of an astral travel.

She said that she would like to Japan to some uknown to me place which i do not remember right now, I had blank memories of how at least Japan looks and the creative power was just too overwhelming for me to handle at that time , and emotion of fear crossed my mind, and i said to her «No we cannot go there», after that i smoothly and gently returned to my physical body. My heart was pounding hard but the memories were sweet, and thats why i smiled.

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Postby sola2005 » Fri Sep 04, 2009 7:23 pm

that was a great story i really enjoyed reading it. You should post more dreams you have with lucid dream. Ps, if i were you id feel that bitch upp :D
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