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Things I've noticed

Be aware in dreams

Things I've noticed

Postby blackplague » Fri Oct 02, 2009 2:08 am

I've had a few "real" lucid dreams.. here are some things I've noticed in them.. one thing if your outside and it's dark.. *for me* the stars are bigger and brighter and also yellow.. (like in a cartoonish thing or something)


While lucid dreaming walking through a mirror is phenomenal it takes you to a random crazy ass place... unless you are focused on where you want to go.. then in that case it will take you there.. it's an odd sensation when going through one. If you look into one it can be frightening if you see something seriously distorted which could end your lucid dream by scaring you to the point you wake up.


One of them i floated out of my body somehow... very strange feeling.. then once out and you see your body scary as hell.. it's also pretty cool.

I've had one and I went under water to see if i would drown or swim or what (I can't swim in real life)
didn't matter because I could breath under the water..

Light switches:
for some reason they don't seem to work in any dream i've had it's a good dream sign..

Digital Clocks:
They always change when you look at them and turn away and look again and they don't always show a time.. they usually have something weird looking instead of real numbers.

Has anyone ever had something happen in a lucid dream and you just let it happen? I did this and what happened came true the next day I shit you not.. that was really weird.

One more creepy thing that scared the hell out of me.. I'll try to not make it too long.

well, I was just in bed trying to sleep and I noticed my feet going kind of numb I had been working on lucid dreaming and stuff..
well my whole body is paralyzed in the bed it felt really weird..
then i noticed a dark demonic looking figure coming towards me I try to keep focused but it gets closer and closer.. then it puts it hand out and somehow it has telekinesis or something because it was choking me without physically touching my neck this scared me enough to scream i could see out of my room and see family outside of it but no one could hear me screaming.. like the demonic thing was blocking out my screams.. well then it gets even closer and tries to choke me out again.. i finally get out of it by waking up completely..
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Postby blackplague » Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:54 pm

The last part of the post may be the most interesting I think you guys may like that.. it wasn't lucid it was a lucid attempt i was in sleep paralysis
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