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Lucid Dream Recall

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Lucid Dream Recall

Postby thrice123321 » Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:07 am

Well I can't remember the whole dream fully but here goes what i can remember. Me and my friend were sitting on my porch and he said he wanted some kind of car (because I was spawning stuff) and I said ok what kind of car. Than I told him to go get a picture of the car because I didn't know what the car he wanted looked like so i spawn it than we're driving into my school (goes blank here) another bit of it happened in the classroom that i took my ACT test in, and my 1st Block basic weights teacher was in there so I pulled out a gun and shot him (this must have happened because he bitched at me that day) than i pulled out the memory eraser from men in black and did it to everyone in that class, afterwards I ran out into the hallway and met up with a group of people and one of them had a gun in their pocket. I examined it than spawned it in my pocket and thats all I remember clearly. I also remember teleporting to random places in my dream just not where. All in all it was a wonderful experience that I hope works again (btw I didn't use the LD dose before sleep, all I did was eat a apple, drink a bottle of water, and wash my face) :D
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