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I keep on hurting myself while lucid dreaming

Be aware in dreams

I keep on hurting myself while lucid dreaming

Postby kbk420 » Sat Oct 15, 2011 4:08 am

i cant tell the difference between a lucid dream and someone really attacking me. So i have a tendency to lashout iv already broke a finger and taken the skin off my knuckles. Any ideas on how i can control some of the thing going on???
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Level 0 (<10)
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Re: I keep on hurting myself while lucid dreaming

Postby kbaikfndakfofm » Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:10 am

I have used 5 different methods. Before you go to sleep Decide on 1 method that you are going to use and before falling asleep concentrate that effort.

DO NOT try to use many methods at the same time since you will probably just forget all of them then.

1. Notice is whether or not you remember how you got in the situation you are in the dream. Because in a dream you don't actually remember from what place you appeared in the situation. I learned this from the movie INCEPTION. Then I tried it while I was in dream and it worked!
- Tested and worked.

2. Some other side suggested you to see your own hands in the dream. Usually you wouldnt see your own hands in a dream. - Learned this from some other website.
- Tested and worked.

3. My own method:
In a dream go to a computer and search the internet for porn (or others terms too). If the website/structure seems weird and doesnt look like a normal browser its sure that it's a dream. - Tested and worked.

4. In lucid dream you can control everything that happens. In a dream you can just close your eyes and imagine yourself elsewhere. This is probably the hardest method cause you don't usually try to control things unless you know you are dreaming.
- Least effective method

5. You can also use other tape than I-Doser tape. Put some audiobook rolling with a repeat and listen this book while falling asleep and the whole night. When you hear these things in sleep you often see someone else saying the exact things thats in the book. Then just notice that he is saying it straight from the book.
You could also record affirmations for example "Jake Williams is the coolest guy on the planet", here "Jake Williams" you put your own whole name there. When you hear someone saying that you are fucking awesome over and over and over again it might just come to you that it isn't normal for someone saying that many times in a row.
- I myself notice that the thing being said is famialiar but I've never got into lucid state from this. I wonder why I haven't noticed that it's a dream. Mayby I'm too narcicistic LOL :D

BTW I also read somewhere that playing Computer games can increase your chance to get a lucid dream because in the game you are taking the control of the character and actually doing things. This can be contrasted to someone who doesnt play computer games and just watches TV. Because by watching TV he can't really do anything to change the order of things happening and thefore won't try to do that in a dream either.
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Level 0 (<10)
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