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Sound right before projection????

When the mind leaves body

Sound right before projection????

Postby 2clix » Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:28 am

So ive been posting this everywhere cause its very new to me and im very intrigued by the sound, not so much the projection...even though it was effin tits (X 100000) ok so the best way for me to describe this sound was like a toilet flushing like a sucking sound and i did it a couple times before I actually left...well more like separated...I stayed in my room and did not see my body on the bed and I ran around the room and dove into the bed...and I was not asleep...Im already prone to sleep paralysis and night terrors been having them for yrs. so I knew exactly what was going on the entire time as I could not move my actual body and I could control every aspect of this AP and while still in this trance like state, I realized I couldnt hear the music anymore through my headies, so I tried to refocus on that to see what would happen and as soon as I did I heard a loud screech sound in my left ear and I was snapped out of the trance....ok so is the(sucking) sound something I will hear everytime im about to seperate...sort of a tell??? anybody else elaborate on this as ive only been dosing for a wk but I feel im naturally able to do this because of my focus and concentration skills or maybe its a tumor....get to the choppa...now! :mrgreen:
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Re: Sound right before projection????

Postby jombotski » Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:55 pm

Yes its normal,when my friend was doing the dose,right before he almost leave his body he also heard some really loud voice.But if you do some research about AP you are gonna see that is normal.
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