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Almost astral/OBE

When the mind leaves body

Almost astral/OBE

Postby thinkslower » Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:46 pm

Almost OBE? So after a long time i decided to re-try OBE's. I put on binurals astralqh and a relaxing soundtrack and i listened. I began feeling very calm and mild vibrations,new to this, i got exited/scared and opened my eyes ruining the process. I wanted to try again to overcome my irrational fear and turn on the light (i know not the best idea for relaxation but it allowed me to continue) i laid down on my bed and and tried again, i closed my eyes and listened to the binurals/soundtrack. Within ten minutes i felt a deep relaxation i found my self in a hypnotic state and told my self in my mind "Breath in relaxation and breath out stress" It worked i felt as calm as i was in my whole life. Unfortunately i got scared again, i told myself I'm not afraid and it somewhat worked. I could not feel my body (Making me happy that I'm almost there) i felt strong vibrations, however calm i was my heart beat was RAPID i tried my best to slow my breathing as to not ruin the experience. Then getting scared again after reading the OBE experiences where one supposedly meets a demon (not believing it though i did not want to experience it (irrational fear)) I opened my eyes dang well ruined it i tried to re-enter but it was to late ;/ will try again!

Just writing this down in order to get some well wanted information!
Sorry if my typing is strange my mind and body is very,alive?and jittery (strange feeling)

Ps.fear caused by a series of night mares hearing ringing sounds and greeted to terrifying sleep paralysis where my mind started making up scary things that sometimes still haunt me.
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Re: Almost astral/OBE

Postby Netfighter » Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:36 am

In first astral projection you will feel your body vibration when your soul begain out of your body
And you will wake up
But after many training you will success
Try out of body and astral projection in android app too it is very very good
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