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throat feeling

When the mind leaves body

throat feeling

Postby Astral Dragon » Mon May 04, 2015 3:21 pm

Every time i try to Astral Project i get to a state when i feel an enormous energy and that i am leaving my body but then i feel something is in my throat and that i must swallow it, i thought it was my spit but when i swallow its actually nothing my throat is dry. So next time i try not to swallow and my body automatically does the swallowing and it always wakes me up from the trance. And one more thing i noticed that i produce much more spit when i meditate than when i am awake but the spit is in my mouth not in the throat but it still bugs me. PLEASE HELP
Astral Dragon
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Level 0 (<10)
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Re: throat feeling

Postby darkhunter » Thu May 07, 2015 4:57 pm

Don't know if its the same thing, but when I focus too much about relaxing and forget to swallow so it builds up, and then I eventually swallow and breaks the trance. Super annoying.
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Level 0 (<10)
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