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Gates Of Hades Experience

Postby OverDOSE45 » Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:21 pm

I am a little new to the whole "doseing" and many said start moderate etc. And many also say they have troubles getting into the doses.... This was not the case for me however. My first night i tried Adrenochrome.. im gonna admit probably not the wisest choice. (to those who say this is a placebo... its not. Im not saying its all its said to be. But a placebo is one thing its not) Anyways i did adrenochrome and got into it EASILY. Scared the living shit out of me. Then i came to realize that was one of the really hard doses. and so i figured ill back off a little bit... yea that lasted a week, then i discovered GoH and i was so intrigued i could not resist. My expierence is as follows (sorry dont know the percentages etc hence i was on my ipod laying down)

*i was laying in my bed with my brother in the room and he was to spectate me*
First it started off fine my thoughts were just "OMG when am i gonna enter the depths of hell as others have, when am i going to enter that nightmare stage which makes people scream and tweak?!!?!?!" so i probably wasnt too relaxxed at that point not to mention focussed.

As it carried on and i focused on breathing and the noises itself i began to see some weird shit. Diabolical creatures etc. Nothing that i have ever seen in my life. And i noticed my breathing getting heavier and my body felt weird (cant explain the feeling)

THEN my "spectator" decided to knock on the desk next to my bed. It scared the fucking shit out of me. I heard it and i automatically imagined a hooded figure behind a door knocking and knocking and i just thought "hes come to get me" I started breathing heavily and actually... cried. Yea not good. I kept imagining the knocking and breathing heavily like chest extended in the air, and whenever i imagined it i couldnt hold back crying screams. That carried on for a while i couldnt get a hold of msyelf. I totally forgot i was just in my bed listening to noises haha.

..... Lastly..i was imagining characters from horror films like freddy, jason and the crew. I got stuck on one "vision"/ hallucination of the Scream ghost running after me with his knife around my house. I ran up the stairs and i heard my brother yelling hurry hurry get in the room so i can close the door!!! and right as i got up the stairs the ghost stabbed his knife into an article of my clothing (i was wearing his black cloak he usually wears... idk why..weird) and i knew i was fucked. RIGHT after i realized o god im dead, a vivid hallucination of a diabolical mans face popped into my head, and right after that.. The ending noise came..... right when it came on i started screaming and crying and tore my headphones off so fast. And my bro was just looking at me like "ur fucked up." i was crying and breathing iINSANELY heavy. and shaking like a mother. didnt get my bearings for the rest of the night...fun though! i love being scared :-D

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