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Placebo..? NO. PROOF

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Placebo..? NO. PROOF

Postby OverDOSE45 » Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:33 pm

It may not work for everyone and all that stuff, but this is no placebo at all. I have factual proof. You guys can believe me, i would not lie. Because i was a non-believer my first night too, and the stuff i learned and what happened completelu changed my opinion on this shit. Here is how i personally know its not a placebo

EXPERIENCE: I tried adrenochrome my first night thinking like most would "ahhh whatever its not going to do anything blah blah blah" I had heard that it caused hallucinations and that grabbed me in. I DID NOT READ ANYTHING ELSE ON ITS EFFECTS ETC!!!!!! keep that in mind.. well as the dose went on i felt scared for some reason. Scared shitless. And i wasnt imagining or seeing anything in my mind... it was just the feeling of being scared. and i was like "fuck i dont like i doser if this is what its gonna do" after having the shit scared out of me (not going to go in depth bout my exp, just i was scared and freezing cold) the dose changed and i did not realize since i was on my ipod. But then i realized that i was getting really hot and feeling differently and no longer scared. More just wanted to get up and literally scream. Because i felt "alive". I felt like jumping around. Then i was like "Ah this is junk Adrenochrome was supposed to give me hallucinations not make me want to scream and jump" Then i got out of the "trance like state" and looked at my ipod and realized the dose had shifted! and i was halfway through Excite. Afterwords i laid down without the ipod and started feeling horny as fuck.

RESEARCH: After this i went onto the website and looked up the side effects for Excite. What did i discover? It was to make you feel very warm, and get you sexually aroused. Which is exactly what it did. And i had no previous knowledge of the dose before taking it, nor did i even know i was listening to it. Therefore CANT BE A PLACEBO!!!!!!! Next i read up on some adrenochrome expierences and the first i read was about a guy that said this dose scared the shit out of him too. It gave him fear. And i had no idea it was supposed to make you scared beforehand, just wanted to hallucinate (i know im such a junkie)... BUTTTT THEREFORE IT CANT BE A PLACEBO.

So haters stop hating.
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