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First timer with Marijuana and Orgasm

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First timer with Marijuana and Orgasm

Postby SadLittlePony » Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:41 pm


I was very skeptical at first. I was looking for a cheap way to get high. Then I came across a chart depicting the weirdest ways people get high. I saw that they listed i-dosing as the most dangerous. I was curious as to why. I did some research and as far as I can tell the only damage being done was due to poor piracy. So I sought out the source. Was it possible to get high listening to music?

I came to i-doser.com and found an album of drugs and an album of sex. I was intrigued. I bought them both. I layed down on my bed with my Twilight Sparkle plush and a pair of Astro Gaming Headphones on. I plugged in the Marijuana MP3.

I became bored and very spaced out. But as the track neared its end I found it to have the begining stages as if i was smoking. The track ended but I am sure that if I can focus better I would get the desired effect. I was impressed. I then plugged in the orgasm track and I hear the faint sounds of a couple having sex and the noises made me very aroused. At one point I thought I made a mess in my pants. But I didnt.

The track ended and then I had to finish myself off and now I am telling you about my experience. I do believe this does work and does alter your state of mind. But you have to let it.

Ill give it a 9/10
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