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Bufo)Toad Finally Worked!

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Bufo)Toad Finally Worked!

Postby SadLittlePony » Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:24 am


I finally put myself in a situation where I can properly dose while I use this one.
Before I would just hear the sounds and nothing would happen. I would fall asleep or just grow anxious.
But this time I was feeling refreshed. No one was here. Dogs were locked up. Neighbors were sleeping. It was the perfect dozing environment.

I threw on the headphones, swiveled around, and kicked my feet up. I grabbed my Twilight Sparkle Plush (Notice a trend yet? I don't really feel safe when I am not holding her.) and yanked my bandanna down and hit play. For a good 15 minutes it felt like all I heard was the constant throb of the Dose.

I don't know if the frequency change or anything but suddenly it felt as if I was inside of a padded cylinder rolling sideways back and forth. It would stop and then roll the other way. This went on for a little while and I would see flickers of light. Then the noise faded and all I saw were my memories.

My memories did not look normal at all. They were rainbow. But all the figures were blacked out. If I saw a person they were solid black with rainbow around them. I went through most of my life's important memories and then my body started to tickle.

Every time I moved it tickled. I was super sensitive. If I twitched I would end up convulsing simply cause it tickled. When I moved my vision filled with blinding white and rainbow. The dose came to an end and I took my headphones off. Nothing different. But I was grinning from ear to ear. My eyes were wide open and everything was pleasureful to touch.

I give this dose a 8/10. I was expecting something stronger than my favorites as it is labeled Strongest. And it isn't the kind of trip I was looking for. I do however recommend it to rave kids and people who like rainbows though.
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Re: Bufo)Toad Finally Worked!

Postby Jessika » Wed Feb 29, 2012 5:14 am

Haha, I'll have to try this one to see if I get rainbows, too. :wink:

Thanks for the review! I was wondering how this one works. Some people say that it's mostly like Trip..but I dunno. I'll have to look into getting this one.

Also, maybe you should try this Dose again in a few days or a week? You might have a different/stronger experience.
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