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The Spice Must Flow - Spice Melange

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The Spice Must Flow - Spice Melange

Postby SadLittlePony » Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:06 am


Spice Melange / Fictional (VERY STRONG) / 30 Minutes

Spice Melange is the most intense fictional drug we offer. Described by Frank Herbert in the book Dune, and the movie of the same name (TM De Laurentiis Productions) – it grants the user longer life, increased vitality, and in some people, precognition. Melange gives super-enhanced navigation and higher brain abilities. Side effects include subtle and temporary change in eye color, drowsiness and fatigue, sleepiness.


I had this dose for quite some time now and actually forgotten I had it. I hadn't even touched it. I bought it with Moloko Plus and a few other fictional doses. I was actually reluctant to try it because of what the description of the dose was. With those effects I couldn't understand how it was the most intense dose.

When I did this dose it was this morning at about 0100. I put my Astro A40 Professional gaming headset on with the boon mic removed and no mix amp. I used my iPod Nano G6 with no equalizer presets and two bars down from maximum volume. I was dressed in all loose clothes and I layed in bed with Twilight Sparkle to my side.

The dose starts off with a good steady stabilizing frequency with a prominent amount of static. It shuts you off from the world and all you can hear is Spice Melange throbbing inside your skull. I find the increased amount of white noise rather soothing. Reminds me of my child hood days of hunting ghosts.

After a while the dose starts to slowly increase in speed getting faster and faster. At first it took my breath away. A few moments after it stabilized once again and I started breathing fine again. I felt very tense, like I was on guard from someone tickling me when I don't want to be tickled.

This stayed stable for a bit longer and then out of no where the dose get s faster and faster and faster going really high in frequency till it becomes a whistle in your ears. Your mind begins to race and your body convulses slightly but then you break through a mental barrier and your free. I hit a point where I felt like I was thinking clear as day.

I was an expert in all things that I knew and for the duration of the dose I felt like I might have been super human. Sadly this part didn't last as long as I would have liked it to. It very slowly faded off and the dose was finished. I felt a bit fatigued after the dose was finished and mentally taxed.

I am not entirely sure what I thought of this dose. It was definitely very intense but it was weird. It shoots you through this strange euphoric intensity to achieve a higher state of mind and then it kinda just lets you go. I wouldn't say I recommend it but I wont say it was a bad dose. It was just different and I don't know what to think of it.

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