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My Cousin *Halfway* on Speedball

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My Cousin *Halfway* on Speedball

Postby Karapar12 » Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:43 pm

Well, It all started in my cousin's house, he said he wanted to test something, I told him the doses I had, and that he wanted to use A-BOMB, but I said I would choose a random one without being A-BOMB so he wouldn't have a placebo (I chose Speedball). He was sitting on the couch, while me and my other cousin were talking, some other cousins came closer talking, and I said to them he was dosing myself, and for them to keep quiet, when I came back, my cousin opened his eyes and I said "What the fuck, man? Why did you open your eyes?" Then he said (He completed 11 minutes of the dose, not the whole 30): "Why did you start shaking the sofa?" I was like "Wow, I got to try Speedball later", and he told me later that he saw some multi-colored balls cross his vision. And it wasn't a placebo, or neither I think he was faking it, he wouldn't open his eyes 11 minutes later after the dose and just say the sofa was shaking.

Hope you liked my *cousin's* experience
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Level 2 (20-29)
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