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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2013 8:56 pm
by Rapple
Love it.

I was stressing about this work load that I have at school, so I decided to dose on something and it was Kava.
I dosed with turtle beaches p11 usb headset(usb is a lot! clearer then aux), and i dosed while reading the dosing guide on my computer. With some background noise of my family watching a move and the birds chirping outside my window.

At about 2 mins in my tongue started to get tingly then my lips began to get a little numb, like i still had feeling but just that numbish feeling. Then later on in the dose at about 8 mins my arms and legs started to relax they felt a little bit tingly and then became like my lips, the only word i can describe it with is 'chillll' then this lasted through out the dose and its been about 10 mins after and still feeling it. I'm not stressed anymore i'm a little bit irritated because of my misophonia but its bearable. I like it its just like being really relaxed while having an open mind.

Great dose! Recommended!

Updated: Been 30 mins still going!
Update: been 2 hours now and still have good effects