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Reviews for Marijuana, Codeine and A-Bomb

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Reviews for Marijuana, Codeine and A-Bomb

Postby DrewPeacock » Thu May 23, 2013 12:44 pm

I have been dosing for a long time but I decided to do a review on some of the doses that worked for me when I first started and consistently give me good results.

Marijuana: I have used Marijuana in real life so I knew what to expect from this dose and I was not disappointed. During I was immediately put into a calm trance while still allowing my thoughts to flow. Time seemed to stop and before I knew it the dose was coming to an end. When it finished I just laid there for a minute or two because it felt like I couldn't move.I was in a great mood and actually felt like I had smoked a little weed. I was getting lost in my own thoughts and feeling light and airy. Music sounded so much better too, I felt like I could sit there listening to it forever. This lasted about an hour or two total. This is definitely a good dose for beginners because it has great effects without being scary or intense.

Codeine: Unlike Marijuana I have never used codeine or any other opiates before so I wasn't quite sure how this would feel. The I-doser description for this dose ended up being spot on. "You will feel light-headedness, but not dizzy or disoriented. Lucid mind, thinking about nothing in particular but focus, when required, is easily obtained. Calm exterior, with a warm fuzzy body feeling. Minor balance/coordination issues, similar to drunkenness, only without the idiocy and toxic body feeling". During it gave me tingly skin at first and then you feel yourself drift off. I would not do this dose if you are really tired because it will make you fall asleep easily. When the dose ended and I stood up I immediately felt slightly off balance and numb. It feels like someone has increased the earths gravity and you are being pulled toward the ground. As the description says there are similarities to being drunk but you still feel clear headed. This is another top notch begginer dose because of its ease to achieve effects and there won't be any "bad trips".

A-Bomb: A-Bomb is a dose that you have to experience to truly understand what it is like because it is not comparable to things that we go through in our daily lives. The first ten minutes are nothing special and very little will be felt except getting into a trance. Then suddenly the frequency begins to change and you feel as if something big is about to happen but not exactly sure what it is. Then it hits and it propels your mind to a different place and it feels as if its working 100 times faster than normal. You feel as if you’re moving faster and faster and even feel a bit of sweat start to develop. The frequency increases even more and you may even hit the point where the dose feels like it “blew your mind”. When it finishes you feel fine but you have a slight head rush and slightly more energized. This dose is a spectacular beginner dose and many people say it was their breakthrough dose when they finally got I-Doser to work for them.
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