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Am I doing it wrong? Reviews by MalibuDan

PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:37 am
by MalibuDan90
Contrary to most of what ive read on here im find my experience to be really easy. I have always had a deep sense of spirituality and have been very keen to meditation. I come into the experience having used drugs in the past but I also didnt expect anything out of the BBs. My expectation was what ever happens happens but this is a interesting way to help influence my brain to work at a certain frequency. However, everything I have tried has worked amazingly. At first I thought nah this has to be a placebo but hey whatever it is i like it. But then I realized how every single track I tried actually had a different effect and combining them was even more interesting.

Ok now to the juicy details/ Reviews

1. Morphine- Having tried morphine and loving it I figured this would be a good place to start. Honestly it was late and I didnt know much about I - Doser so I didnt want to start off with lsd and end up tripping balls in my bed for 14 hours thinking what did i get myself into ( stupid i know i know) . I had everything set up perfectly as I normally do for meditation ( enough preparation you would think i was getting lucky that night or something). It started off at a really nice rhythm I was able to blissfully fall into a deep meditative state. I was relaxed and focused on the sound and using my 3rd eye chakra to let the energy enter inside me a little better. I did notice myself frequently getting distracted by the sound which would lead my mind to wander but I think that is something that will take time and practice. I noticed the effects of this very quickly my body became heavy, i had tingling sensations all over, and began feeling numbing sensations as well. As my dose progressed so did the intensity of these feelings. When it was over I was surprised how the effects seemed to just keep increasing. In fact this went on for almost 2 hours where I felt like well I was on morphine as weird as it sounds. To make things even more interesting I had lucid dreamed that night. Something I have found very difficult to achieve for years and gave up on it a year or two ago. I was caught off guard by this experience especially feeling a minute "comedown" from the high as well. Now I was hooked and ready to explore other doses to see what the differences were and if my sensitivity to BBs were the real deal.

2. Trip - I woke up in the morning made my coffee, checked my emails, the usual. I was getting ready for a hike and had already planned to dose again before I went into nature but wasnt sure which track I wanted to try or purchase in order to help boost my nature experience. I decided to go with Trip , I figured the mushroom picture and blurb about hallucinating was more than enough of a reason to choose this dose however I was more skeptical about these sorts of doses. Yet as always I went in with a open mind and with the intention of a meditation session. The Trip dose had higher bits of white noise and what seemed like other noises, sounds, fx, etc floating through there which made it very difficult for me to stay focused on my meditation. I also dont normally meditate in the morning so maybe this was a factor. However, I began feeling happy , and then I had the tingling sensation come back but not the same as before this was different more erratic i guess. Next thing I know I could swear I was talking to someone or thought I was having a conversation with someone not out loud but as if i was dreaming or heavily sedated , in fact i really felt like I had fallen asleep but knew I was asleep and was in control of everything yet I wasnt asleep... ( pause here to try to make sense of that haha) . After the voices would come in and out I had visuals , dreams but like i said i wasnt asleep.. I specifically remember having a conversation with a man trying to hand him a basket and he didnt want to take it and I was trying to convince him that it was important that he carried this particular basket. However every time these things would happen I would get excited and kinda snap out of it so I will have to work on that. When the track ended there was no lasting effects, I felt happier than I did before maybe more awake but I was hoping id see things morphing around me or my pen talking to me but that never happened. I actually found myself feeling easily irritated later in the day not sure if that was a side effect or people just being annoying but I thought I would note it.

3+4. Crack + CocaineQH = Tonight since its Saturday I felt like hey lets get some of these uppers going before I head to the studio and then the club. Why not? it sounds like a smart way to start the night right? I would never do crack in real life so I figured this would be a fun opportunity to give this dose a test run. Before taking this dose I felt like my body would be more likely to respond to the downers but less likely to respond to the uppers but I wanted to give the full spectrum a try before I shot it down. This dose was vibrating like crazy it would have huge sweep ups and high vibrating white noise and I could just feel the energy at much higher frequencies than the other doses I had tried. I tried this dose sitting up instead of laying down for your guys information. My body literally started having the feelings like blood was just rushing through my veins, that every part of me was alive within minutes I wanted to turn off the dose and just go do something like jumping jacks or punch a heavy bag , I kept thinking about how I was superman ( not sure where that came from). I found this dose the hardest to concentrate and experienced some weird occurrences during this track. My head would actually twitch and move about almost hypnotic or uncontrollable I mean I could force it back to its original spot but it would just kinda bob around from time to time. I also had trouble sitting through the entire dose because I just wanted it to end so I could enjoy this insane rush I was getting. When the track wound down I decided that this would be a good time to double up on a dose and get a extra hit of the uppers. I was wired at this point and ready to go. I threw on the cocaineQH and laid down for this immediately this hit hard I was feeling a similar rush to crack but not as strong this one actually led me to crack a little smile. The effects of the double dose lasted about 30 minutes it prompted me to actually write this blurb because I had so much energy and insane focus I needed to control it so i wrote a review.

Anyways, am I the only one who is finding results like this? Can this still be a placebo? Is it possible that the vibrations and thoughts are triggering flashbacks in my brain that is releasing the chemicals of the drugs ive taken in the past?

To be honest every review ive found online talks about how this site is a scam and blah blah blah. and yes I get it i dont feel like I really smoked crack ( thankfully) but I do feel something different happening in my body. I do feel like I just experienced some really cool mind altering stuff.

With more meditation and learning to focus and not let my mind wander will that lead to these doses and feelings becoming stronger? Can I train my mind to get more in tune with these things? Do I continue using the same doses I have or do I venture out and buy other ones and keep experimenting?

Hopefully you guys like this review and found something interesting or something you want to talk about. I know this is long. And I feel like a lot of people on here are kids. Let me just say I in no way advocate doing drugs and my experience of I doser does not in anyway resemble what it is like to take drugs so dont be stupid.

Thats all for now,