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My Personal Dose Experience

PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:35 pm
by hoop
Hello Dosing community,
My name is Austin and I will tell you my experiences so far.

Experience: New Doser

Doses tried:

This was the dose that sparked my interest. I originally heard about I-Dosing from the news a while back, whoever this was the dose a friend of mine made me try out. With this dose being about 10 Minutes, I was sketched out. About 5 Minutes into the dose, I was about to just stop listening because I thought it was BS. At this point I moved my hand to grab the phone when all of a sudden, it hit me. It was like my body just started to tingle. For about 15 seconds my whole body was numb and warm. After these 15 seconds, no effects were felt but I had a strange feeling of euphoria. For a "Quick Hit" dose my expectations were not high, but it was ok after all.

Rate: 5/10

This dose was great! this was the first dose where I really felt the effects. It is a hard dose to describe, but the feelings were amazing. I was waiting in anticipation of when the "bomb" was going to drop. When the sound changed is when the effects really showed. I just felt great and as far as hallucinations go, I heard what sounded like teeth chattering (like how they do when you shiver or are in a cold place). I HIGHLY suggest this dose to anyone who is skeptical of I-Dosing or if you want to feel some great feelings.

Rate: 9/10

I will eventually write more reviews, whoever I need to leave. If you have tried any dose that you have enjoyed, please comment with the dose's name so I can try it out myself.

Thanks in advance, and Happy Dosing