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best experience so far

PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 12:59 am
by wyattglasgow3
Hand Of God
Btw this is my first forum. This was by far the best experience i have had ive done a couple of doses but i wasnt doing it properly :L so it didnt really have any effect on me apart from a-bomb so anyway i went to my mates place and it was at night and we decided to do it so my friend put on his headphones and but a towel over his eyes nothing happened to him that i saw but he reckons that he felt like the mattress was turning and yeah so i put on the headphones and teatowel i wasnt expecting anything to happen but i did it anyways so i started counting to the rythym of the dose. Ten minutes in i started to get tingly and my leg kept twitching (i think that wasnt the dose though) and when it was like 17 minutes? in i started to get a lil scared but i was fine when it got to like 20 or something i found it very hard to breath and was breathing heavily majorly and my vision started getting brighter and brighter and then it would go black again, i tried to lift my arms but it was like gravity was pulling it down i stared freaking out i started to cry and i pulled off my headphones and towel of my eys and i saw my friend laughing his ass off i was soo freaked out. Yeah so thats my experience i recommend u get hand of god its awesome!.