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anethesia quickhit and crack

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anethesia quickhit and crack

Postby wyattglasgow3 » Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:17 am


I was staying the night at my mates place and we decided to do some doses so we chose anethesia quickhit my friend did it first.We got 2 towels and put them over his eyes, turned the lights off and put it at the right volume i sat beside him and watched nothing happened that i saw apart from twitching but when it finished he just layed there and he told me he couldnt move and that went on for about 10 seconds untill he sat up and took the headphones off (beats by dres).I chose to do anethesia aswell so i did what my mate did and turned the lights off and stuff when it started i found the music quiet soothing nothing really happened for the first 5 minutes apart from twitching and tingling but after that my legs and arms felt like they were slowly getting numb when it was nearly finished it had felt asthough my legs had sorta floating and i couldnt feel the bed.Once it had finished i got up and went to the lounge i felt VERY VERY relaxed and calm.

that was probably one of my best experiences, it felt really nice and i would definatley do it again.


I did this dose about 2 hours after doing anethesia QH and i felt very tired so i wanted to do it to give me a boost and wake me up so i lay down and put the headphones on about 5 minutes through i fell asleep and woke up again and felt tingly this happened about 4 times untill i woke up and flet like i just dropped and fell threw the bed, it felt so amazing! sadly i fell asleep again and woke up in the morning at like 7:00.

This would of being an awesome dose but i kept falling asleep which was disapointing
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