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[IDOSE] Marijuana Full Length Effects

PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 6:17 pm
by IDosingNewbie
Hello all,

I recently discovered IDosing through a buddy of mine while at work one day. I've known about Binaural Beats for years and used them meditate, but never heard of them being used this way!

Anyway, I became very interested and purchased the full-length Marijuana track for computer use.

This was my story:

Shut lights off, laid on bed.
Started track.
Cleared head, focused on breath, and before I knew it I was daydreaming about something I can't remember.
Started hearing the outro of "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam out of nowhere (it wasn't in my head! I literally heard it!). It was faint, and repeated over and over, but was definitely there.
Started to focus on all the colors moving around my eyelids.
After ten minutes (give or take a few), "Jeremy" stopped and I heard the 8-bit "Legend of Zelda" theme song.
The colors began making way for silhouettes of famous retro games (Mario Bros, Zelda, etc) and the music started changing randomly to some melodies I've never even heard before. Feels good.
Sounded like the beat started slowing down/got deeper... Focused on it, and realized I could make the pitch /speed go up and down.
Suddenly became paranoid that there was a demon or something of the like in my room (funny... I don't even believe in ghosts/demons).
Opened eyes, sat up and paused for a second, very confused, and turned on lights.
Made it 20 minutes through, and will try again for the full thing later.

It was strange, and my body was tingling and my chest felt weird. It was a very eerie experience, but I liked it. Will definitely try it again.