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Heroin-A good kind of heat

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:40 am
by andreks
I have been listening to I-doser for around a year now and finally decided I should join the forum and start posting my experiences. :retard:

As soon as I laid down and starting playing the dose I got that tingly feeling I commonly get in my hands when I listen to doses. I started feeling an overwhelming numbness cover my body within somewhere around 5 minutes of the dose, which was when the euphoria started to set in. A strong sense of pleasure covered my body from head-to-toe (this wasn't sexual I should point out) with warmth that flowed throughout me like waves. 15 minutes in I had several moments where I felt as though I was riding with each wave which somehow sank me even deeper into comfort. After the dose ended I felt the feeling of the warmth, euphoria, and numbness for 3-4 hours :D

I would rate this dose 10/10 being one of the strongest and best working doses I have listened to and due to it lasting such a long time after listening.

Will be posting other experiences soon.