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First Experience w/ I-Dozer (Tried Amanita & Nitrous)

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First Experience w/ I-Dozer (Tried Amanita & Nitrous)

Postby IndigoChild » Thu Feb 06, 2014 2:20 pm

Hi everyone,

This is my first post - I just checked out I-Dozer for the first time and thought I'd post about my experience with it. I tried Amanita Muscaria and Nitrous. I had heard of binaural beats before and was familiar with them in a more metaphysical sense (for deep meditation, chakra clearing, to be used during Yoga sessions, etc.), but I'd never heard of them being created to replicate the effects of psychotropic substances. So naturally, I had to try it out…

The first track I tried was the Amanita and I made sure to set up the scene really well first… I was in almost total darkness with no sounds, no distractions, no pets, no people, no phone calls or any sort of stimulation, and plenty of blankets to stay warm and comfortable. I also prepared with some self-hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques. I figured that just because a beat pattern can replicate the mindset a person's in while they're on a psychotropic substance doesn't mean that there's actually going to be any antagonizing of the receptors in the brain from any chemicals, so I wasn't expecting anything unrealistic either. I think taking the time to get ready made a big difference. I also think the fact that I really didn't expect much to happen, yet wasn't closed-minded to something happening either made a positive difference in the outcome of the entirety of the session.

In the first few minutes of the Amanita track, I noticed a really profound sense of relaxation and tingling and goosebumps creeping over my entire body, like a body high. I started to definitely notice a change in my state of mind, however it was subtle. It wasn't that I felt high in the traditional sense, but I felt different, and altered, more or less in a way I can't really explain. Eventually I did see a few visuals, specifically with depth perception and the shape of objects, but this was really subtle too - I would think if you weren't taking the time to be observant that you wouldn't notice it at all. When the track ended, I was really relaxed.

As for noticing visuals, that implies that my eyes were open. My eyes were open, because I'm one of those types that meditates and hypnotizes with my eyes open, but resting gently. I don't think the closing of the eyes is a strict necessity, but if they're open and you can't keep them from wandering or getting hyper vigilant, then you probably should close them or use an eye mask. I only consciously looked up and looked around a couple times, and that was just to see if there were any visuals occurring. It was during my second quick scan of the room when I was nearly at the end of the track that I saw the visual distortions.

I think the only thing I didn't like was that at the end, I found that it took quite awhile to get back into my regular mindset. I really had to make an effort to walk around, eat, and then put on some regular music in order to get my brain waves back on their normal frequency… I felt pretty wonky.

Then yesterday I tried the Nitrous [oxide] track. This time I didn't prepare much and did the track in a lighted room with distractions, i.e. while messing around the internet. I wanted to see if it would effect me regardless. It definitely did and I noticed an altered state/mental change that was a bit stronger and more noticeable than the Amanita track. It was relaxing again and I enjoyed it. I also didn't find that I had the same problem at the end that I had with the Amanita - I was able to just return to normal functioning instantly.

As someone who's studied neuropharmacology as well as being involved in studying and teaching advanced self-hypnosis, past life regressions, guided relaxation and breath, meditation and yoga, I just want to say that I can't stress enough how important the ability to self-hypnotize is with these… In plain English, the ability to choose to/make yourself "zone out," without having to try or notice oneself attempting to relax (as this will just be a distraction). Also, I think that doing this in pitch black with no stimuli whatsoever probably produces the most noticeable effect. Lastly though, expectation is going to play into the experience… If you pick a track called LSD and think you're going to have a full-blown acid trip, you're probably going to be disappointed. Even though you're only experiencing the mindset of psychotropic drugs through the mimicking of brain waves (vs. actually reacting to a chemical), it doesn't mean you won't like/enjoy it, but it's not going to be the same thing as if you were to actually take LSD.

All in all, I really enjoyed the experience and it's an interesting concept. I'd recommend trying it, if you're reading this but haven't yet. I liked it enough to go on to buy Adderall, Anesthesia, Heroin, LSD, Nitrous, Oxy, Ritalin, Trip, and V. I haven't tried any of these yet except for the Nitrous but I'm really looking forward to the V! How cool is that?! (If you don't know, V is the name of a fictional drug from the HBO series True Blood - in the story humans can get high off of vampire blood)… I'll post more as I play around with more of these :)

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