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Experience with "marijuana"

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Experience with "marijuana"

Postby Nobody128 » Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:22 pm

So I've listened to the full 45 minutes of this dose. I will say, it's nothing like real marijuana.
During the dose, 8 mintues had passed what felt like 1 minute. Nothing much happened besides that. Soon later, what I had felt was very hard to explain. But technically, it felt like what had seemed to be like very mild dreams but I was still awake. The music's "speed" would increase and decrease. Torwards the end, I had sort of semi-lucid "dreams." I would think of something but then my mind gets lost in a trial of thoughts. The "dreams" were completely random and weird, but I really don't remember a lot of it. I totally wasn't asleep because a few times I got up just to see how much time had passed with the dose.

When it ended, I got up feeling a little nausea in my stomach and my head feeling heavy. I was also really shaky but not the "shaking" feeling I get from caffiene, instead it felt like I was kind of mildly vibrating. I sat down I had felt a mild "buzz." I had felt a euphoria aswell combined with an insane amount energy. I don't know how to describe it fully but I felt refreshed and the energy literally felt like I could run a marathon. The euphoria was like the feeling of winning a lottery. I had listened to some classical music later and the music sounded clear, I could keep track of every single note. I don't know how to describe the music but it felt like it changed my mood and had caused me to imagine things and think back to childhood memories. I kind of could "feel" music. I would listen to different tracks and they each had their own "feeling" to it.

However, all of that was pretty short lived. A few minutes after, it felt like I had lost awareness of senses with the euphoria fading away. The energy I had felt had simply faded away. I felt a little relaxed and less aware of my senses, that's all. I also had the feeling of being a little drowsy but I didn't want to go to sleep. My legs had felt really heavy when walking, my hands had felt heavy also. It's like gravity was acting stronger on me. I still feel that way right now, 57 minutes after the dose.

The initial effect was very short lived and I just didn't feel the same after a couple minutes. All I feel right now is a little relaxed but I don't like how my awareness of time has changed and I have less awareness of my senses. I

My overall rating for this dose would be 2/10, I don't think I'll try this again. I don't think it's worth listening to something for 45 minutes just to feel an intense euphoria and energy that fades away very quickly.
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