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Postby SammyH » Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:08 am

Just a quick review of what I experienced while taking the A-Bomb does. I'm recently new to I-Doser and heard that using A-Bomb is a great beginner does and that is no lie. Doses like Sleeping Angels and AfterAwake don't really affect me (yet I hope), but A-bomb was the first does that really hit me. Now I didn't have a cosmic trip out of this world, but I did experience a flying sensation as well as some vibrations along my whole body. The does started out to me as just a low beat, and I thought to myself that this was like other doses I had tried, that was doomed to not work. I was shocked when the beat started to rise... that's when I actually started to feel something. I could feel a vibration in my whole body start an my heart rate picked up. During the last phase of A-Bomb was when I seriously felt like I had sleep paralysis. I don't think I was going to have an OBE/ Astral Projection, but I definitely could not move a lot at all (even if I wanted to). I felt like I was about to fly but, this being the first dose of A-bomb, wasn't going to happe. I'm going to keep trying and hopefully get the results everyone talks about!
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